AlphaGo (8.0)

Most people who have followed the advancement of Artificial Intelligence in the past few years have heard of the Chinese game Go. Unlike chess, in order to beat a human a machine cannot rely simply on computational power by calculating all possible moves and strategizing accordingly. There are more potential moves in Go than there are atoms in the observable universe therefore in order to … Continue reading AlphaGo (8.0)

Future of Autonomous Driving

The future is beginning to look more and more like a scene in iRobot where Will Smith is told it’s too dangerous to take control of his own car. Some people are alarmed when confronted with the fact that driving may be something that we tell our grandchildren we used to do, and few hobbyists might only be doing in their spare time in isolated … Continue reading Future of Autonomous Driving

What is Bitcoin’s Intrinsic Value?

Bitcoin has seen a remarkable surge up to around $20,000 USD and an equally impressive drop right back down to around $8,000 USD presently. But what is the coin actually worth? I recently came across an interesting article by Frank Chaparro where he discusses how two economists have calculated why they believe Bitcoin should be valued at $20 per coin. Richard Jackman and Savvas Savouri, … Continue reading What is Bitcoin’s Intrinsic Value?